Armour Brown & Serve Original > 10 Fully Cooked Sausage Links

I pretty much eat one box of these things every day.

Here’s what the manufacturer of these breakfast meats has to say about them:

Brown ‘N Serve breakfast sausages make your breakfast sizzle. With a
perfect combination of great taste, convenience, and exceptional value,
it is no wonder Armour’s Brown ‘N Serve is America’s favorite fully
cooked breakfast sausage. *

  • Great Taste
    whether you prefer links or patties, Brown ‘N Serve pre-cooked
    breakfast sausages come in the delicious flavors both adults and
    children prefer, including: our best-selling Original — a perfect blend
    of sage and seasonings — as well as Beef, Maple, Country Recipe, Honey
    and Bacon Flavor. Three additional flavors, Turkey, Lite Original and
    Lite Maple offer the great Brown ‘N Serve taste with less calories and
  • Convenience — In less than five minutes in
    your skillet or microwave, Brown ‘N Serve lets you enjoy breakfast
    sausage with less mess and cleanup, so you can focus your morning on
    the important things.
  • Exceptional Value — Armour Brown ‘N Serve is value priced to fit your budget, so you and your family can afford to enjoy sausage anytime.

God bless us all.