NYT Anonymity Feed

Last year I started the NYT Anonymity Project, where I used Yahoo My Web 2.0 to  tag and copy/ paste "because clauses"– the printed reasons why article sources were granted anonymity.

The system was flawed because it wasn’t automated– I had to do run a search for the word(s), click to the story, and copy/paste the phrase into my My Web account. I stopped doing it.

With Yahoo! Pipes, so far I’ve automated two of the three tasks. Here’s what I did:

The feed pulls the headline and the text that surrounds the searched-for phrase. That means no more searching and no more copy/ pasting.

Next up: figure out a way to strip out all of the other item description text besides the "because clause". I think I have to use the regex (regular expressions) in Pipes to pick up the string after the searched-for phrase and before the next period or comma in the string.

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