A Lick of Land– Same Spot, Same Pic, Different Days

A while ago I started taking the same set of pictures from the same spots on the same footbridge over the same river, just to see how things change through time.

Now I have 18 sets of photos going back almost three years. But it wasn't until the last year or so that I started taking a more formal approach– placing my foot at the same spot at the same rail of the bridge, crooking my arm in the same way as I swiveled to shoot. And so on.

So here's a little set of one lick of land that I really like– a marshy spot on the edge of the DuPage River. Sometimes the tall grass grows high and tops off with amber burrs, like the other day. On other days– like just two months ago– the grass is green and short

Some days the sky is faint blue over buds that almost come. Other days it's wispy clouds over harvest-style heaps of hay-like stuff. Octobers are best, with green and yellow concerts from composers who can't make up their minds.

I learn a lot from the constancy and rich vigor of nature.

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