How To Make Your Own Go Bag (Emergency Preparedness)

September is National Preparedness Month, so I didn't want the month to pass without sharing what I learned about making a Go Bag.

First off, here's a quick link to an Amazon store where you can buy a lot of the stuff you'd need to put in a go bag.

I kinda went crazy recently with researching and purchasing items for emergency kits for the family. And since the Internet is the place where other people's nuttiness saves other people time, I figured I would share. So here ya go:

Here's a complete set of photos of all the stuff in one of the bags:

The completed bag (not too shabby, bulk-wise, but enough stuff in here to keep your act together for a while!):


Here's all of the supply/ tool-type stuff:

Supplies + Tools

Here's the food (such as it were):

Foods (such as it were)

And a late entrant (forgot the bungees + rope):

Rope and Bungee Cords (added later)

Here are the best of the links where I found out most of my info:

10 day survival pack for your vehicle for just $25 by Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM Issue #104. Amazing set of "food" in there.

Bargain Babe» How to make an emergency kit for less than $22. Nice tips of swooping up household stuff and squirreling it away.

Emergency Car Survival Kit. The cell phone idea is pretty awesome (still hafta do that).

Here's the Coup de grâce — an Amazon store with every damn thing you might possibly need for your go bag, pre-selected for you:

Lastly, we've got a video of me explaining the contents of one of the bags to S-L, with the kids as cameramen:

Explication of Our Go Bag from Daniel X. O'Neil on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for linking to me Daniel!!! Looks like you put together quite an emergency kit. I recently gave mine to a friend because I had to move across the country and it wasn’t worth it to bring mine with me. Kind of a bummer.

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