Lincoln Marsh, 2016: March 25, Bright Day, Shoots of Green After the First Burn

One of a series of posts documenting the seasonal changes of a prairie marsh in 2016.

Is is to be expected, given the temperature in the 40s, and the date post (post-equinox), Spring keeps right on going on, like Anne Sexton.


When I arrived I found that I had missed the first burn of the year. It makes me sad to have missed it— I want to be there one day, I want to see cleansing fire work.


They are clear about these things. No need to fear fire.

No need to fear fire

Seeing how much birds appreciate the free + clear nature of greens growing in ash, I believe.


Believing in fire is a liberation.


It makes the phoenix be the ashes.


It puts green where it needs to be.


See complete set here.

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