Original Documents and Notes from Events Surrounding the Death of Harold Washington

I saw today that John Kass of the Chicago Tribune published a piece today titled, “Harold Washington’s death 30 years ago marked end of Chicago’s black political power“. He wrote about the memorial service/ rally at UIC, the memorial at Daley Plaza, and the City Hall protests when the Sawyer was appointed Mayor.

I was there for those events, and I collected artifacts and took notes. I went back into the archives to see what I had, then I scanned some. Here they are:

Here’s the program for the event at the Pavillion on Monday, November 30, 1987.



And a flyer advertising that event.

And a flyer I got at the event.

A schematic of Daley Plaza on Friday, November 27, 1987, for a memorial.

This is a sheet of paper I found on the floor of the lobby of City Hall on December 1, 1987— the night that Eugene Sawyer was made Mayor.

For a later date: I’ve got reams of notes I took while pushing my way into City Hall that night with hundreds of other people.



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