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Remembering the B-Thing in Light of White Flag Brooklyn Bridge Confession

Now comes the New York Times, with word that it was German artists who removed American flags from the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced them with hand-women white ones.

But the artists, Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke, say the flags — with hand-stitched stars and stripes, all white — had nothing to do with terrorism. In a series of phone interviews, they explained that they only wanted to celebrate “the beauty of public space” and the great American bridge whose German-born engineer, John Roebling, died in 1869 on July 22, the day the white flags appeared.

That this lame commemoration lacks verve and complexity is annoying to me.

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Cool story

Capitalizing on U.S. Bombing, Kurds Retake Iraqi Towns

Pesh merga forces retook Gwer around midday, pushing through the center and methodically searching for snipers, stragglers and booby traps that ISIS might have left behind. The main threat turned out to be north of the town. In three spots a mile apart, ISIS had concealed trucks of a type used by the Iraqi Army, mounted with machine guns.

According to pesh merga accounts, when those trucks emerged around 3 p.m. from hiding places in farmhouses and barns near the highway in an apparent attempt to attack the Kurds from the rear, American jet fighter-bombers streaked in and blew up the trucks with cannon fire and bombs

Bulk Downloads of FCC Comments on FCC Filing 14-28, Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet

Update, 4:38 PM CST, August 5, 2014:

This afternoon the FCC published this blog post: FCC Makes Open Internet Comments More Accessible to Public. Snip:

Because of the sheer number of comments and the great public interest in what they say, Chairman Wheeler has asked the FCC IT team to make the comments available to the public today in a series of six XML files, totaling over 1.4 GB of data.

The addresses in the files released by the FCC today are accurate to the zip code level. If you are looking for exact addresses of the subset of comments entered by users directly into the Electronic Comment Filing System, the information below may be of use to you.

* * *

tl; dr: below is a bulk download of all Net Neutrality comments published to the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System as single file, along with the complete text of those comments. There are 475,280 comments available as of August 4, 2014. More comments are being published and will be available here as time goes by.

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Me in Baltimore (How to do Business Tourism)

I have long been a practitioner of what I call “business tourism”. I love to work, but I also have other passions, like art, poetry, cities, and photography. I have been lucky enough in my technology career to have taken lots of trips to lots of cities for lots of reasons.

I disdain daytrips— I think it’s deeply disrespectful to a city to present oneself at the local airport, hire a chariot to take you directly to a conference room, and scoot out of town before the late night news is over. Moreover, much of my work is on the Internet, so I can conceivably do it anywhere. Lastly, I hate being late or stressing out about missing a commitment.

All of this has lead, over the years, to a particular mode of business travel. Here’s my day in Baltimore, to see it in practice.

Morning flights win

A 9:20AM flight out of O’Hare— not too early to lead to an insane wakeup time, and not too late to have the day escape me on the other side.

I arrived circa noon, and headed straight to the hotel. First step is to snap a shot of the room— I have a vast collection of hotel interiors.

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