The Spring Suite Thirteen Series by Andy Kane

Artist Andy Kane has just published a new series of prints: The Spring Suite Thirteen Series. Here’s the pieces:

Travel by Train, by Andy Kane

Enjoy Your Food, by Andy Kane

Enjoy Your Stay, by Andy Kane

Cats, by Andy Kane

And his description:

All done on 18×24 acid free archival watercolor paper, each print is a limited edition of 125. They are all signed and numbered by the artist. Shipping is included in the price which is as follows:

  • Suite of four prints $300US
  • Three prints $240US
  • Two prints $175US
  • One print $100US

Please allow about two weeks for delivery. Payment by PayPal to: or Andy Kane PO Box 234, Maxwelton, WV 24957

Go get! Also: the artist requests that you “please foward this email to your contacts and also post on Fartbook and Tweetybird”.

Never a Better Time to Buy New Andy Kane Art

My friend Andy Kane has been busy with making new art and is excited to get it into the hands of collectors. He has a large cache of art here in Chicago, and also a goodly amount of new work in large 6 ft  x 8 ft format in his home in West Virginia. If you are interested in purchasing, write Andy at Here’s some stuff:





Andy Kane at Queen of Angels

Andy Kane at Queen of Angels, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

A couple weeks ago Andy Kane met me over at Queen of Angels after CCD. We got some lunch and worked on his Web site, where we added a slew of new paintings that he’s completed recently. he is a working artist, always making new things, always thinking, always completing thoughts. I really admire him for that.