Me in Baltimore (How to do Business Tourism)

I have long been a practitioner of what I call “business tourism”. I love to work, but I also have other passions, like art, poetry, cities, and photography. I have been lucky enough in my technology career to have taken lots of trips to lots of cities for lots of reasons.

I disdain daytrips— I think it’s deeply disrespectful to a city to present oneself at the local airport, hire a chariot to take you directly to a conference room, and scoot out of town before the late night news is over. Moreover, much of my work is on the Internet, so I can conceivably do it anywhere. Lastly, I hate being late or stressing out about missing a commitment.

All of this has lead, over the years, to a particular mode of business travel. Here’s my day in Baltimore, to see it in practice.

Morning flights win

A 9:20AM flight out of O’Hare— not too early to lead to an insane wakeup time, and not too late to have the day escape me on the other side.

I arrived circa noon, and headed straight to the hotel. First step is to snap a shot of the room— I have a vast collection of hotel interiors.

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The Public Library + Me

I was born in the Northview Heights Housing Project in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh is where Andrew Carnegie made most of his money and he built nine out of the 2,500 libraries that bore his name. At one point, the “Carnegie library system” was responsible for 75-80 percent of every library in the nation. In Pittsburgh, there was no such thing as the “Pittsburgh Library System”. It was the “Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh“. I went there always. When I moved to Chicago at 12, I was stunned to learned you could have a library that didn’t have a prefix of “Carnegie-“.

Walking into the main branch, one walks beneath the words, “Free to the people”.


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Here’s Some Info on Crime in Belleville, IL Yesterday

You’re welcome.

Follow the Belleville Police Department at and Twitter @PDBelleville. On these sites you will find the latest news, updates, alerts and advisories.

Date: 08/07/13 Time Period: 0600 – 1800 (Day Shift)

DISTRICT 6 13-06331 (0703 Hrs) GRAFITTI – 1400 block of Rose Del and 1100 block of Dawn Dr. While on patrol an Officer discovered graffiti painted on the roadway.

DISTRICT 4 13-06335 (0946 Hrs) STALKING/CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY – 500 block of Sunrise. The suspect (B/M/45) was arrested for stalking and criminal damage to property. He was taken into custody.

DISTRICT 4 13-06345 (1541 Hrs) ATTEMPTED BURGLARY – Southside Improvement, 800 S. 6th St. A window on the building was broken out, possibly in an attempt to gain entry to the business.

DISTRICT 6 13-06346 (1637 Hrs) CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY – 1000 block of S. Charles. The victim reported the paint on her vehicle was scratched.

Total number of calls for service – 97

Date: 08/07/13 Time Period: 1800 – 0600 (Night Shift)

DISTRICT 6 13-06347 (1657 Hrs) CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY – 500 block of S. Charles. The victim reported his vehicle was damaged while parked in the roadway.

DISTRICT 3 13-06350 (1821 Hrs) DECEPTIVE PRACTICE – 100 block of N. 40th St. The victim reported the suspect (W/F/22) obtained his personal information and opened several charge accounts hi his name without his permission.

DISTRICT 6 13-06355 (2136 Hrs) CURFEW VIOLATION/IMPROPER SUPERVISION – 1000 block of Cool Valley Dr. A juvenile (B/M/13) was arrested for curfew violation. His mother (W/F/34) was issued an NTC for Improper Supervision of Children.

DISTRICT 1 13-06358 (2250 Hrs) SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT – 9700 block of W. Main St. The Victim B/F/23 reported that while she was standing at the bus stop a blue or black Ford Crown Victoria, very shiny with a spot light on either the driver side or passenger side turned on to S. 98th St. She stated that the registration started with “M.” The B/M driver asked if she needed help, she told him no and waved him on. The subject backed his vehicle on to W. Main St. and yelled, “Expletive deleted if someone asks you if you need help, you better take it.” The victim started to call 911. The suspect reached down as though he was going to take off his seatbelt. The victim fled on foot from the roadway and called 911. The suspect yelled, “Expletive deleted I ain’t doing nothing to you” and left the area driving east on W. Main St. Officers searched the area with negative results.

DISTRICT 4 13-06360 (2354 Hrs) BATTERY – 1100 block of West A St. The victim reported being battered by three unknown subjects (B/M’s 16-18).

DISTRICT 5 13-06362 (0008 Hrs) TRAFFIC STOP-POSS. OF CANNABIS – 800 block of Carlyle.
Darnell A. Conner (B/M/29) was arrested for possession of cannabis and taken into custody.

DISTRICT 6 13-06363 (0147 Hrs) CURFEW VIOLATION/IMPROPER SUPERVISION – E. Monroe at Wabash. A juvenile (W/M/16) was arrested for curfew violation and taken into custody. His mother (W/F/50) was issued an NTC for Improper Supervision of Children.

Total number of calls for service – 79

Boss Second Season Filming Locations, Chicago

Socrata filter for Boss filmingsNote: this is a post about civic data and the promise of machine learning disguised as a post about a really good TV show. Here are some more unnaturally-detailed posts along the same lines as this one and a good primer on the overall concept here.

I like Boss, the Kelsey Grammer vehicle about a ruthless Chicago mayor. Good show, and season two begins this Friday night, August 17. I also like civic data, like Public Right-of-Way Use Permits published by the City of Chicago.

I was recently reviewing this new data set and saw that film permits are a subset of Public Right-of-Way Permits, so I made a Custom view using the Socrata data display system to filter for only permits related to the filming of Boss. I used the Permit Type Code of “Filming”, the Company of Boss Kane Productions (they even have a Yelp page), and a Date of after 3/1/12 (because otherwise I’d be catching Season 1 filmings as well).

Next I exported this data and imported it into a Google Fusion Table so I could make a quick map. Here it is:

Boss Season 2 Filmings

So let’s take a look at some of the locations to see what to look out for come Friday.

One chunk of filmings centers just east of Douglas Park, near 16th and Rockwell. There are 12 filmings up and down California, including down to the Cook County Jail and Courthouse at 26th and California. This set of filmings is at or near the Cinespace Chicago studio.

Boss Season 2 Filmings Near Doglas Park in Chicago

This is also the address listed for Boss Kane Productions, which (I think) is where the interior action is shot. My guess is when they need a generic outdoor location, they pull a film permit to go outside and shoot.

Boss Kane Productions Location

There’s another set of filmings (six) in the Pilsen area, scattered around Halsted, 18th, and Roosevelt.

Boss Season 2 Filmings in Pilsen

One of the locations is 1733 S. Halsted, which is the address for Kristoffer’s Cake and Bakery.

Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery

There’s a set of eight filmings in the Kenwood neighborhood, most of them in a particularly green region bounded by Drexel, 47th, Lake Park, and 50th. This includes one permit at the Drexel Towers, 4825 South Drexel Boulevard.

Boss Season 2 Filmings in Kenwood

Satellite view of Boss Season 2 Filmings in Kenwood

There is a single shoot at 1035 E. 67th Street, which is the address for Oak Woods Cemetery. My assumption is that the scene at the end of this trailer was shot here.

Kitty O'Neil of Boss

There are two film permits in the Illinois Medical District, including one at 1750 West Harrison Street, the Rush University Medical Center Jelke Building. Here it is from 1960:

Rush University Medical Center Jelke Building

On July 10 of this year they worked on Northerly Island.

I would also expect to see a shot this year with Buckingham Fountain (500 S. Columbus Drive) in the background. Maybe it will be a Married With Children spoof.

There’s a permit for 125 E. Monroe, which is basically the Crown Fountain.

They’ve also got the obligatory City Hall shoot (121 N. LaSalle), a “beneath the train tracks” shot on Lake Street between Wabash and State, and two downtown shots at Monroe and Dearborn. You can also expect to see a shot of 225 N. Michigan, a nifty Mies Van der Rohe edifice. At some point there should be a riverwalk shot on or about 70 E. Wacker. Here’s Boss Kane in the City Hall Roof Garden from a new season trailer:

Boss Season 2 Filming: City Hall Roof Garden

Here’s the tracks:

Boss Season 2 Filming: Under the tracks

And looks like there’s a scuffle at Monroe and Dearborn:

Boss Season 2 Filming

Speaking of the river, there is a permit at 333 N. Canal, the Riverbend Condominiums, and one at 300 North Canal, Left Bank at Kinzie Station. I’ll be looking for those exteriors in upcoming episodes— let me know if I miss it (@juggernautco).

Since there is a permit for 702 W. Fulton Market, we can expect to see some dining going on at Carnivale at some point this season (careful– restaurant Web site sound explosion upon click).

There’s a clump of filmings around Franklin and Chicago:

Boss 2 Season Filmings Near Franklin and Chicago

If you see a set of row houses, that would be the Cabrini Row Houses north of Chicago Avenue– four filmings there, including 850 North Cleveland Avenue.

Boss Season 2 filming: 850 N. Cleveland

This looks like T.I. is out in front of that place:

Boss Season 2 Filming: Cabrini Row Houses

There are four Gold Coast filmings, including one outside of the Drake Hotel.

Boss Season 2 Filmings: Gold Coast

West of the Kennedy, there’s a single filming at 2214 W. Walton

Boss Season 2 Filming: 2214 W. Walton

…and one at 835 N. Wood.

Boss Season 2 Filming: 835 N. Wood

All of this info was made possible by civic data, Google search, and a connection to the Internet. What if there was a machine that could do this for me? God bless us all.

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