Holy Trinity Songs, May 2017

I am not the most adventurous or learned consumer of music. I like what I like.

I also get into grooves, and like particular songs and stick with them now and again.

I am also Catholic, so I’m into the Trinity. These three songs are currently holy to me. I play them again and again, in the same order. It’s like going to Church.


[VIDEO] Ben Tucker Funeral Jazz March, Savannah, GA

Shawn-Laree and I are in Savannah for the high school graduation of her godson. I saw in the paper this morning that a jazz musician, Ben Tucker, had died and that the funeral was today.

We’re staying downtown, and after lunch we saw a crowd in a local square. We realized that it was the early stirrings of his New Orleans-style jazz march. So I hopped in the scrum to take pictures while S-L shot video. I spliced it together and here’s about four minutes of a real jazz man procession:

Ben Tucker Jazz Funeral March from Daniel X. O’Neil on Vimeo.

RdioPoem: heroes-sldxo



oh how i wish there was video surveillance on Fairfield
a high-resolution capture of our first kiss goodbye by your car
an honest lip kiss and i wrapped your arms around my neck the way i like it
and i wish there was some godlike director trolling slowly in a boom, northbound with proper film permits, capturing that
kiss and embrace while david bowie sings heroes for us from the top of a crane we can beat them forever and ever oh we can be heroes just for one day i i will be king and you you will be queen
for shawn-laree
h/t to the ending of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, since I am from Pittsburgh

Stoked for Muti

About a year ago I won two tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at a benefit for the Chicago Opera Theater (thanks, Angel!).

It was two tickets, and there was a wide berth of dates to choose from. Opening night and other big performances were not available, and after parsing the schedule closely, we chose February 3, 2011- a random Thursday in the dead of winter.

Then Muti took ill in October and the whole season got muffed. Now he's on the mend and his return date is– Feb 3. Should be a great night.