Trellick Tower, A Brutalist Wonder Caught from a Passing Train

We were on a train from Slough this afternoon and I spotted this:

Trellick Tower

A Brutalist bookend-er of a building. I did a Street View search and found the name of it, and then the Wikipedia page for Trellick Tower. Stuff:

Brutal + Beautiful.

New Video: Shuttlecocks + Revolving Cocks: Mashup of a Great Kansas City Sculpture and an Industrial Band Singing a Rod Stewart Cover.

Earlier this year I took a trip to Kansas City (and wrote about it here). I didn’t get around to writing about the The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, which is really stunningly good.  I have a huge cache of pics from the trip here, including images I took in and around the museum.

One of the best pieces is outside the museum itself— “Shuttlecocks”, by Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen. Here’s how the artists describe it:

Aluminum and fiber-reinforced plastic; painted with polyurethane enamel
Four shuttlecocks, each 17 ft. 11 in. (5. 5 m) high x 15 ft. 1 in. (4.6 m) crown diameter and 4 ft. (1.2 m) nose cone diameter, sited in different positions on the grounds of the museum

Amazing. I took a bunch of photos of the installation and did nothing with them until this week.

Shuttlecocks @ Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art | Kansas City, MO

I had to clean out my computer (of raw video, mainly), because it was getting down to zero space. One of the video projects I had in iMovie was one about this piece.

“Shuttlecock” is an odd word. Compound. British, in a Fawlty Towers sort of way. Funny, in a juvenile way. So when I was thinking about how to present it in video, the natural thought was to double down on the language and mash it up with the Revolting Cocks.

Anyone in Chicago in the late 80s (or anyone in the industrial/ noise scene) knows and loves the Revolting Cocks.

So here’s my mashup of two great artists

A mashup of a great sculpture and an industrial band singing a Rod Stewart cover.

Photo Essay, Las Vegas, America, June 2015

Over the weekend of June 13, 2015, I went to Las Vegas with my oldest son. We went there as a 16th birthday present to meet up with a group of his kids he met online 4 years ago and who have become some his best friends.

I shot about 1,000 pics and whittled them down to 360. Here’s the complete set and here’s a short photo essay, below.

I had never been there. Las Vegas is a singular place.

Classic Vegas Scene, in Tilt-Shift

We stayed at The Bellagio. It’s water show is something to behold.

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