Video of People Lining Up for the 10AM Buses for Chance the Rapper at #MCW2

Today my youngest child and 5 of his friends went to see #MCW2 by Chance the Rapper. By all accounts, it was a magical experience and it may soon be on Netflix. We walked them over to the secret bus location and I took a quick video. The shows seem to be over now, so I think it’s safe to post this video w/o giving anything.

I make a lot of personal documentaries like this. Here’s some more.

Modifying “Hop on Pop” So As To Make the Dad Less of a Cranky Killjoy

I love Dr. Seuss. One time I dragged a number of pieces of furniture out of an alley and custom-finished them with cutout illustrations from Seuss books.

Custom-Decorated Dr. Seuss Kids Furniture

Custom-Decorated Dr. Seuss Kids Furniture

I’ve used one of the pieces to track the growth of my children for the past 15 years.

First Measure

Caleb Measure, Spring 2004

I’ve always especially loved Hop on Pop, because it is centered on a dad and two kids, and because the main storyline is the physical joy of attempting to crush your father’s sternum, but being unable to do so.

The problem with the book is that notwithstanding the fact that hopping on pop is a legit fun thing to do, the book casts the father figures as hangdog workaholics who just want to come home and be left alone because of an ostensibly rough day at the office.


So I fired up Photoshop, cranked up Times New Roman, printed out modified versions of key portions of the story, and affixed them to our nighttime reader.

This book was given to my eldest child on his 2nd birthday by his aunt and uncle. I am glad they made an inscription— these are invaluable keepsake-makers.

The cover itself has some freelance customizations from one of the kids.

The first step was to name the characters. I kept the look of surprise on the dad’s face because it exuded a kind of radical “youth beats the olds” type of narrative.

The first off-putting spread is the one that introduces the concept of the sad dad. Boring boring boring.

So I removed “sad”, added “glad”, and removed extraneous obtuse reference to the nature of the father’s day.

Similarly, I switched up the discussion among the youth about what kind of day the parental figure had,. You can see how easy it was to turn everything around. I made a mistake with the terminal point, but I accounted for that by allowing the underlying exclamation to show through.

The last modification occurs at the denouement, where the same illustration from the cover page is the setup for the big reveal— the misguided belief that children must not hop on pop.

The simple change of stop to lots and turning frowns upside down was all it took.

Moments are over in a minute. Offspring outgrow the edges of our measures fast.

Hop on pop as long as you can.

Spring Break 2016: 36 Hours in Milwaukee

The New York Times has a travel feature called 36 Hours. The schtick is that they lay out a core set of things to do in 36 hours of real time. This year the kids’ Spring Break snuck up on us and I had nothing planned. So I put together a short jaunt to Milwaukee with some (planned and unplanned) stops along the way. S-L added the meal components. Here’s our report:

Racine: Trump Rally

We had to drop off Kitteh early on Saturday morning and then got donuts at Stan’s. This still left some goodly time to get to SC Johnson by 10AM, so we decided to detour to downtown Racine and take some pics at around 9AM. We saw a bunch of cops and people standing in line, then some Trump-oriented vehicles. We quickly realized we stumbled on a Trump rally. Fuck that guy. So we got out to take some pics.

Trump Rally Racine

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Full Circle on an Art Show at The Cultural Center

I was going through my computer, managing all of the video I’ve collected over the last few months, and I realized that I had a pretty nifty round trip experience with the Chicago Cultural Center.

A few months back, I was walking through the first floor and saw they were setting up a new show with some interesting configurations, so I shot a quick video:

The other day, I was back there with the family, and we saw the brilliant shows they had installed.

One was all about spiders:

CXO at an art installation at the Cultural Center

SL at an art installation at the Cultural Center

CXO at an art installation at the Cultural Center

DXO at an art installation at the Cultural Center

Another about photography and space:

Art installation at the Cultural Center

CXO at an art installation at the Cultural Center

And another about designing and building:

Caleb and CXO designing walls at an art installation at the Cultural Center

Caleb designing walls at an art installation at the Cultural Center

And here’s the little cubbies you can see them constructing in the beginning of the film:

SL at an art installation at the Cultural Center

DXO at an art installation at the Cultural Center

All hail the Cultural Center.