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NYC Spring Break 2014 Images and Videos

I take a lot of pictures. I especially take a lot of pictures while I’m traveling. Over the last few years I have also made a sustained attempt to produce “personal documentaries”– short-format videos made on standard Mac iMovie templates that show what I see.

My family, and the vacations we take, are of special importance to me. On all of our trips I pull together video snippets, still photography, meaningful music, and descriptive titles to show each of our vacation days. Here’s the ones for our Spring Break this year:

NYC Spring Break Day One from Daniel X. O’Neil on Vimeo.

The video from Day One pretty much sets up the trip and serves as a travelogue. The best part is at 2:21, where there is an unintended (I didn’t even notice it until later) duet with a cello and an umbrella.

NYC Spring Break Day Two from Daniel X. O’Neil on Vimeo.

On Day Two we went to the NCAA Basketball East Division Finals on a lark. Rainy day; perfect thing to do. Highlights:  0:03: Tour of the apartment 01:32: Madison Square Garden.

NYC Spring Break Day Three from Daniel X. O’Neil on Vimeo.

Day Three was a fun day, the first one that got sunny. We went all over.

NYC Spring Break Day Four from Daniel X. O’Neil on Vimeo.

I really love this one, because the music works great (Empire State of Mind) and I felt like I was finding my way in the editing. There are lots of beautiful shots– we went to the top of the Empire State Building and did the Circle Line Tour

NYC Spring Break Day Five from Daniel X. O'Neil on Vimeo.

Here’s where I am very happy with the editing and titles. We went to the TODAY show on our last day in NYC. Early!

Photographic Highlights from the 2013 DuPage County Fair

As is typical, I attended the DuPage County Fair this year with my children and some of their frendz. Here’s a short photo essay on the overall riff of the place:

There were the same old (antique) tractors as always, expect this time there was at least on chick, hatching:

Antique Tractor, DuPage County Fair 2013

There was a man on stilts eyeballing the fair map:

Man on Stilts with Beanie Cap Reviews Maps of DuPage County Fair

The food photography and colors never fail to appeal:

Corn Dogs & Etc.

Some pig:

Pig at DuPage County Fair

Fudge the Horse had her first fair:


Fantasy Amusements thinks of everything for the whole family, including the baby changing station:

Baby Changing Station

There is very little chance you will get a basketball into these hoops:

Basketball Shot Carnival Game

I couldn’t decide if this goat spooked me out or made me happy:

Goat Looks Forlornly

We took a look inside a log home built out of a redwood tree:

The Original World Famous Redwood Log House

The chickens were in top shape:

Chickens and Other Fowl at DuPage County Fair

The rides were top-notch, as usual (more on them later)

DuPage County Fair in Tilt-Shift, 2013

The dude on stilts found his bike and his way around the joint:

Man on Stilts Riding a Bike, in Tilt-Shift

God bless us all:


Here’s a video with some Mel Torme:

DuPage County Fair 2013 from Daniel X. O’Neil on Vimeo.

Registration Form for Religious Education Program at St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish, Winfield for 2013 – 2014

If you we looking for the registrations form for the Religious Education Program at St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish in Winfield, IL, for the upcoming 2013 – 2014 year, I’ve got you covered. You can view and download these forms here.

The forms are not available anywhere else online, and I just received them by email, so I thought I would share.

Otherwise, here’s a picture of a barn in Ohio:

Mini Filter Fourth of July, Fort Royal Farm